Who we are?

East Capital Markets Group is a financial investment broker and CFD execution which offers trading solutions.

East Capital Markets basically works with savvy traders, however a simpler platform aimed at helping novices in the Forex market.
East Capital Markets assists retail and institutional investors in using the financial investment market.

East Capital Markets offers the best trading platforms with fast processing execution and outstanding customer service.

We make multiple liquidity destinations as easy as possible without the burdens of an exchange office in order to facilitate access for individual investors.

When was East Capital Markets founded?

East Capital Markets was founded in 2016 by a team of traders with years of experience in Forex and technology.

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong stock exchange and has offices in several major world capitals.
East Capital Markets was founded because its creators felt a frustration on the part of online traders. Trading deadlines and excessive spreads did not provide an optimal experience for the community.

It is with the aim of offering a better experience that East Capital Markets was born. It aims to provide superior technology with free spreads and a low latency execution process.
Our team has solid experience in the industry and is constantly challenging customers. We aim to create and develop unique products for our clients, be they small or big investors.

Three steps are essential to get started with financial investments:

Adopt your own way to trade on the Forex according to your profile and your means
Study deeply how financial investments work.
This is the moment and you feel it? Place your first order! There are two main ways to invest in financial investments.
Major banks and international financial institutions are the players in the financial markets by buying and selling massive amounts of currency every day. Private investors can not afford to invest billions of dollars on Forex. This is the reason why they will be able to speculate on this market through CFDs or via an independent investment dealer.
You do not understand the purpose of these two options? Do not panic, here is the explanation.

What is a CFD order?

A CFD is a contract that allows you to exchange the price difference of a currency pair between the moment you open a position and when you close it. If you open a long position (on purchase) and the price of the pair increases, you make a gain. Conversely, if the price drops, you suffer a loss. If you choose to open a short position (for sale), then the opposite applies.

Explanation of the leverage effect

Financial investment by using a broker.
Placing money through a broker or a bank is based on the same principle as trading on CFDs.
You will simply speculate on the vagaries of a currency pair, without becoming a holder of the currency in question. If you project that the price of a currency pair will be bearish over the short, medium or long term, you will be able to focus your investment on the sale rather than the purchase.


Since 2016 East Capital Markets aims to democratize financial investments and make them accessible to a greater number. When we started, we wanted to offer solutions to traders and thus revolutionize the industry. And these goals remain at the heart of our internal politics! We seek to become one of the world’s largest providers in the investment market.

Financial investments are one of the most popular markets among investors. There are plenty of different currency pairs to speculate on 24 hours a day. Many of these currency pairs are among the most liquid markets in the world, keeping tight spreads and volatile prices.

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