The East Capital Markets MT4 platform gives you a head start in modern trading. In real time, you will have access to price assessments, charts and advanced analysis on the market. That’s not all, with the MT4, enjoy a range of management tools, expert advice in the field as well as clear and accurate indicators.
The MT4 platform is a rich interface that remains easy to use. It’s a unique tool that allows novice and savvy traders to get a head start in the ultra-competitive world of trading.
Traders can manage their own graphical illustrations and management tools to control their positions quickly.




– Dynamic Security System
– Avangardist Automated Trading System – Expert Advisors
– Trading Signals
– Multiple timeframes for all types of trading
– MQL4
– More than 50 built-in technical indicators to analyze dynamics
the price of financial instruments and display alerts.
– Multilingual, multi-currency support

Mobile trading

East Capital Markets has designed its Forex trading application to provide customers with the flexibility to manage their portfolios anywhere in the world. The East Capital markets application is available in one click in the stores and allows a multiple screen trading interface, with of course a personalized display on data and exchange rates in real time.
The history is kept on the application East Capital Markets, you will find the latest Forex news and expert advice that will allow you to be the best equipped.


The East Capital Markets webtrader is based on the principle of MT4. This highly sophisticated platform offers a unique trading experience. The East Capital Markets MT4 platform is customizable and you just have to choose from the wide range of indicators and graphical options to make your trading experience unique.

web trader

Speed of execution is an indispensable tool in trading.
With the Webtrader you can open or close your positions with one click.


Decision making has been simplified to make it easier for traders to do the job. Avoiding wasted time is essential for managing real tasks.


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