There are thousands of financial assets to trade on East Capital Markets.
Each asset has its own characteristics and investment strategies.


  • The currency and foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world. On average, the trading volume is over $ 5 billion a day. This market is one of the most volatile. The changes occur in just a few seconds. This market is very dynamic.


  • So currency traders are very active, opening and closing their positions in minutes.
    Currency movements are measured in small units, called “pips”.
    Significant capital is needed to generate profitable profits.



Currencies are traded on East Capital Markets as CFDs

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It is certainly the oldest trading practice in the world.
Whether precious metal or oil, raw materials exist in the real world.
They are affected directly by what happens there.
Many commodities are considered safe havens.
They add stability to a portfolio of highly volatile assets.
This is the case of gold, for example, which is generally stable
Commodities are traded on East Capital Markets in CFDs.
This allows you to open “short” positions and thus hold fractions of shares.
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The market is constantly evolving and in constant motion. These fluctuations present many options for investors. The shares are suitable for medium and long-term investments. Their prices vary according to market events, announcements, new product launches or of course strategic events of the price of competing shares. Profit-making companies pay their shareholders through a fixed payment per share.

Buying an unleveraged equity in East Capital Markets means that you invest in the underlying asset and the stock is stopped and held in your name.
East Capital Markets, however, offers the possibility to open positions in CFD.
With CFDs you can open so-called “short” positions using leverage and buy fractional shares.
You can invest $ 100 on a share worth 1000.


Each major stock market has indices, which reflect the status of a specific segment of that market.
Indices are often considered more stable than stocks.
Because they have many assets that tend to balance.
The indices on East Capital Markets are traded as CFDs. It is not possible to invest directly.
With a CFD, you can open “buy” or “sell” positions (long or short) and use leveraged trades.




Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity for years. Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become an essential investment option for traders.
East Capital Markets has many investment options on crypto-currencies. Fluctuations are very common on this type of option.

By buying cryptocurrencies, you invest in the underlying asset. Cryptocurrency is purchased and owned by East Capital Markets on your behalf.
These trades do not use leverage.
The purchase and sale of the underlying assets are unregulated and do not provide investor protection.


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are exchange-traded funds.
It is a financial instrument composed of several assets grouped together to constitute a negotiable asset.
Each fund follows a market strategy or index and is designed to meet the hedging needs of a specific financial institution. ETFs are created by financial institutions. A team of experts adapts each fund to achieve a specific goal. ETFs are long-term investment instruments.
The risks are rather low and designed to generate stable profits over time.




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